• PY7011ASF 海底世界-螃蟹(20x15cm):$420/件(USD $13.9)
  • PY7012ASF 海底世界-蚌殼(16x13cm): $300/件(USD $9.9)
  • PY7013ASF 海底世界-烏賊(22x10cm):$450/件(USD $14.9)
  • PY7014ASF 海底世界-海星(16x14cm):$315/件(USD $10.5)
  • PY7015ASF 海底世界-綠龜(15x17cm):$465/件(USD $15.5)
  • PY7016ASF 海底世界-展示組(5款*3件):$5,850/件(USD $194.0)

PLAY_Under the sea Toys_Set_1


  • 五種可愛有趣的海底生物造型(整組購買15件,包含海底藏寶盒)。
  • 手工製作的雙層縫線,交叉縫合確保耐用程度。
  • 每個玩具內含啾啾聲玩具,提供寵物玩耍樂趣。
  • PlanetFill®環保填充料是由100%認證的安全回收塑膠瓶製造
  • 可以用洗衣機和烘乾機清洗
  • 由獲得最高認證資格的嬰兒產品工廠生產
  • 不含有害的化學偶氮染料(AZO-free dye)
  • 洗滌注意事項:請以洗衣袋包裹清洗P.L.A.Y玩具,避免與硬物或尖銳物品一起清洗以防止玩具損壞;也請以低速、常溫水、中性洗劑清洗,並請勿使用漂白劑;若有烘乾需求,請以低溫烘乾;藉此延長玩具使用期限。



國際愛護動物基金會(International Fund for Animal Welfare,簡稱IFAW,www.ifaw.org.cn)成立於1969年。

IFAW在全球範圍內救助動物個體、保護動物種群和棲息地。 IFAW在40多個國家開展項目,無論是伴侶動物、野生動物還是家養動物,我們為所有需要幫助的動物提供實際救助,或在災難後提供動物救援。我們積極倡導通過減少對動物的虐待和濫捕亂殺以保護種群數量,如為結束殘忍的商業捕鯨和海豹獵殺而開展的活動。


Inspired by Momo’s hilarious antics and zoomies (definition: when a dog runs around in crazy circles yelping with joy before collapsing to the ground to take a play-induced nap) whenever we took her to our local beach, P.L.A.Y. dedicates our second collection of plush dog toys to the Earth’s precious marine life. The Under the Sea Dog Toy collection consists of 5 plush toys; a King Crab, Giant Clam, Giant Squid, Green Sea Turtle and Starfish dog toys.

In line with P.L.A.Y.’s continued commitment to helping animals in need, 2% of all sales proceeds will benefit the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid in its mission to reduce the commercial exploitation of animals, protect wildlife habitats, and assist animals in distress. Learn more about IFAW and what you can do to helpsupport the cause here

  • Available in 5 fun shapes – purchase the full set to save over $10!
  • Hand-made craftsmanship, double layer exterior and inverse cross-stitched joints ensure extra durability
  • Each plush toy comes with a squeaker inside, perfect for hours of rambunctious fun
  • Eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler is made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for infant and children products
  • AZO-free dye

Capree Kimball, Editor at Dog Milk, and her two adorable pups tested out our Under the Sea Toys. Check out Dog Milk for the full review and all the great photos!




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