Pet ectoparasites


Our pets go out into the nature, the fields, they roam through the forest and grass and get often infected with various parasites such as ticks and fleas. These parasites do not represent only a nuisance, they are also carriers of diseases for our animals, but also for our kids who get in close contact with them when playing. Keeping our pets free from parasites is not only a health question for the animals but also a matter of hygiene and health for the entire family.




1. Is Amigard spot-on easy to use?


Applying Amigard spot-on is very easy, also thanks to the user-friendly pipette containing the dosage for one treatment. Apply the whole content in drops, softly sqeezing the pipette, one drop approx. every 3 cm, from the tail up to the scull cap. Before applying, part the fur, apply directly onto the skin, not onto the fur! Avoid putting more than one drop on one spot!

Repeat application every 4 weeks.

(Ans:瑞士安美佳 Amigard使用非常容易,只要挑選適合劑量(大型犬/小型犬/貓咪),一個簡單步驟,就是將天然驅蚤精油平均滴覆塗抹在寵物皮膚上,不要滴在毛髮上,每4週(28天)重複使用。)

2. How is it possible that only a few drops of Amigard spot-on protect my pet from fleas and ticks?

(Q:只要幾滴瑞士安美佳 Amigard驅蚤精油,就能讓我的寵物自然遠離跳蚤和壁蝨?)

The galenic formula of Amigard Spot-on provides for excellent up-to-now unique properties, combining gentleness and efficacy. Amigard’s proprietary formula contains a combination of two natural active ingredients and neutral, inert adjuvents, spreading the product in a short period of time over the whole body. The product is absorbed in the epidermis, the out layer of the skin, without entering the deeper layers of the skin or the body, forming a reservoir of active substance unfolding from there the repellent effects.

(Ans:瑞士安美佳 Amigard獨特創新的植物性配方,溫和、有效,全天然活性成分,在很短時間內迅速吸收,自然遠離體表寄生蟲。)

3. Natural, gentle and effective – How is it possible to match these features in one single product?

(Q:為什麼瑞士安美佳 Amigard天然驅蚤精油能夠做到-自然、溫和、有效?)

This is indeed a very good question! In order to give serious answers, we need to explain some aspects of the background of the techncology. Firstly, Amigard spot-on contains exclusively 100% natural active ingredients. It does not need additional, chemical actives in high concentrations as some „natural” products on the market do to obtain an acceptable efficacy. The natural actives of Amigard have been specifically selected among all known natural candidate substances and are well investigated, and generally accepted as safe, having a very favorable toxicological profile. Decanoic acid, obtained from palm oil, is ubiquitiously present in nature and plays a natural, vital in the metabolism of all living organisms and is e.g contained in baby diet and food stuff, while Margosa is a natural substance used since ancient times in cosmetics and health products. The actives were chosen based on their very specific ability to act on the receptors of fleas and ticks in low concentrations. Thanks to the proprietary, optimised combination of the actives and its excipients the formula unfolds high repellency power at much lower concentrations of actives than usually found in effective products, concentrations which are not even toxic to parasites themselves, merely keeping them away from the pets. Furthermore, the mode of action is not systemic (as is for pharmaceuticals), meaning that the actives do not enter the metabolic system, but remain on the outer skin of the pets.

(Ans:這是一個很好的問題,為了回答這個問題,我們必須瞭解瑞士安美佳 Amigard的研發背景及運用科技,包含100%全天然活性成分,獨特創新植物性配方,主要成份為印度楝樹(Neem Tree)提取物、楝子油諾楝樹(Margosa)提取物以及天然椰子油(Decanoic acid)提取物,已被廣泛運用及證實,可以安全驅趕跳蚤、壁蝨,不需其他化學替代方案。這些都是普遍存在自然界的天然成分,普遍運用在化妝品、保健品及食品安全上,讓寄生蟲自然遠離我們的寵物與環境,而不是用化學藥劑毒殺、撲滅。)

4. Why is Amigard spot-on to be applied drop-by-drop along the back and not only on one point on the neck?

(Q:為什麼瑞士安美佳 Amigard天然驅蚤精油,要平均滴覆在寵物後頸皮膚,而不是在同一點上?)

The complete distribution of the product over the entire skin is critical for the efficacy product. While the formula has exceptional spreading properties, it is important to apply it dropwise on different spots to improve distribution, and also to avoid putting an excessive quantity in one single area.


5. Is it necessary to clean my pet before applying Amigard Spot-on?

(Q:使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard前,需先將寵物清洗乾淨嗎?)

Absolutely no! However, it is good practice to get rid of the dirt prior to any treatment.


6. Pharmaceutical chemicals versus repellents – What is the difference?


While pharmaceutical chemicals act as insecticide or acaricide, repellents do not kill the parasites, but merely keep them away from the hosts, or, once the parasite is on the host make them leave in short time as the host’s skin is perceived by them as repulsive. The necessary concentrations of the actives are much lower to obtain merely a repellent effect. Furthermore, pharmaceuticals act systemically, burdening the pet’s organism, while Amigard Spot-on remains on the outer layer of the skin.

(Ans:天然驅蟲配方並不是把寄生蟲殺死,而是讓寄生蟲自然遠離寵物體表,寵物皮膚吸收瑞士安美佳 Amigard的獨特創新配方後,會讓寄生蟲不想停留在寵物身上,縮短體表寄生蟲停留時間,也不會造成寵物身體負擔。)

7. Can kids play and hug pets treated with Amigard Spot-on?

(Q:使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard後,孩童能夠安心和寵物玩耍嗎?)

Absolutely yes, Amigard Spot-on is safe for your pets and the whole family touching and with pets treated with Amigard Spot-on.

(Ans:請放心,您的寵物和家人接觸玩耍,使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard是非常安全的。)

8. How fast does Amigard Spot-on work?

(Q:瑞士安美佳 Amigard要多久時間才能產生驅蟲效果?)

Amigard Spot-on starts unfolding its efficacy immediately, the optimal repellency is, however, reached approx. 3 days after application, as with most repellents. See also our efficacy curves.

(Ans:滴上瑞士安美佳 Amigard後就會馬上產生驅蟲效果,但一般而言三天後效果最好,獨特創新疏水緩釋配方,可以維持28天。)

9. Can I use Amigard Spot-on if I have already applied another flea- and tick-control product?

(Q:如果寵物已使用其它除蚤或驅蚤商品,是否能夠使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard?)

We do not recommend this! You should wait till the other product has been eliminated from your pet’s body or skin. As good rule, wait a month before applying Amigard Spot-on.

(Ans:我們不建議立即或同時使用不同產品,應該間隔一個月時間,讓寵物新陳代謝後,再使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard)

10. Are there any side effects when using Amigard Spot-on?

(Q:使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard是否會產生任何副作用?)

Amigard Spot-on is sgenerally safe and well tolerated by cats and dogs. However, in rare cases allergic reactions may appear, as with all products. If you observe this, discontinue immediately the use of Amigard Spot-on. The symptons will disappear.

(Ans:總體而言,使用瑞士安美佳 Amigar是非常安全的。倘若極少數特殊情況產生過敏反應,只要立即停止使用,過敏情況就會漸漸消失。)

11. Why are there warnings on the label?

(Q:為什麼瑞士安美佳 Amigard使用說明有安全建議?)

Amigard Spot-on is aimed at keeping parasites away from pets. Based on this use it is classified by law as a biocide. Biocides are products that kill or repell parasites. All biocides independently of their toxicity must according to law carry certain warnings on the label to make sure the consumer applies them correctly which we think is a good idea.

(Ans:瑞士安美佳 Amigard讓寵物自然遠離體表寄生蟲。市面上其他除蟲或驅蚤商品相比,都必須清楚標明相關成分及使用方式,我們認為提醒消費者,安全使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard,會是比較好的作法。)

12. Can Amigard Spot-on be reapplied before the 30-day treatment interval is up?

(Q:如果間隔不到30天,能否重複使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard?)

Yes, there is absolutely no risk for your pets or the family.

(Ans:可以,將間隔時間縮短,密集使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard,更能確保您的寵物及家人自然遠離體表寄生蟲。)

13. What problems are associated with fleas and ticks?


Fleas and ticks cling to the skin of pets when present in larger quantities in clusters. They feed themselves from the blood of them making pets feel very uncomfortable. The bites can lead to skin irritations, rashes and even open wounds when scratched with infections. Furthermore these parasites are potential carriers of deseases. While the fleas stay on cats or dogs, ticks will also transfer to humans posing a direct threat to the health of your family.


14. Do fleas and ticks have to bite my pet for Amigard Spot-on to work?

(Q:瑞士安美佳 Amigard是否能防止跳蚤和扁蝨咬我的寵物?)

No – Amigard repels the parasites preventing most of them to jump on the pets, or, making them leave immediately.

(Ans:不行,瑞士安美佳 Amigard是讓跳蚤和扁蝨自然遠離寵物,不讓寄生蟲停留在寵物身上)

15. What if I still see fleas after using Amigard Spot-on?

(Q:為什麼寵物使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard後,還是發現跳蚤和扁蝨在寵物身上?)

Amigard’s ability to keep parasites away is very high and is comparable to excellent pharmaceutical products, see also our efficacy data. In cases of very high infestation pressure you may find occasionally and temporarily a flea on your pet.

(Ans:瑞士安美佳 Amigard讓跳蚤和扁蝨自然遠離寵物身體,但在一些寄生蟲茲擾較嚴重的場合,您還是有可能發現一些少數的寄生蟲在您寵物身上)

16. Can Amigard Spot-on be used on pets other than dogs and cats?

(Q:瑞士安美佳 Amigard能否在狗貓以外的寵物上使用?)

Yes, Amigard is also ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. The dosage, however, must be adjusted to size of the animal. Eventually, packages for other animals will be introduced.


17. Which Amigard Spot-on is right for my pet?

(Q:如何挑選適合劑量的瑞士安美佳 Amigard)

There a packages for cats, small dogs under 15 kg, and bigger dogs over 15 kg. The quantity contained in one dose is adjusted and optimised to the size of the animal.

(Ans:瑞士安美佳 Amigard分為三種,分別是15kg以上的大狗、15kg以下的小狗,以及貓咪適用的劑量包裝)

18. Will Amigard Spot-on still work if my pet goes swimming or takes a bath?

(Q:寵物使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard能否游泳或淋浴?)

Amigard is highly hydophobic, meaning that it will not mix with water and therefore will no be washed away. Short bathing will therefore not affect its efficacy. You should, however, avoid shampooing you pet, or, if you do, re-aply Amigard afterwards.

(Ans:瑞士安美佳 Amigard獨特配方,具有高度疏水性,游泳或淋浴並不影響驅蟲效果。但應該避免使用洗髮精等清潔劑,如果使用洗劑,就必須重新使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard)

19. Is Amigard Spot-on safe?

(Q:使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard安全嗎?)

Yes – Amigard is absolutely safe your pet and your family.

(Ans:是的,瑞士安美佳 Amigard對您的寵物和家人,都是安全的產品)

20. How old does my pet have to be to apply Amigard Products?

(Q:使用瑞士安美佳 Amigard是否有年齡限制?)

You can apply Amigard to pups and kittens aged 2 months.


21. If I have a question, whom can I ask?


Any questions regarding Amigard Spot-on can be sent per e-mail to: questions@amigard.com

(Ans:可以Email至瑞士原廠詢問: questions@amigard.com,或由台灣代理商「鮪魚肚國際行銷有限公司」為您詢問,要求瑞士方面提供相關諮詢與解答:wedopr@gmail.com



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